The PIN tips: Pattern Pass Numbers

Here I go again, another security tips that might help you in securing sensitive accounts. Get to the point that most people are often forget (intentionally?) their PIN a.k.a. personal identification numbers. In fact, the automatic machine talked back to you, sounds like "please remember your PIN and change it frequently". The question is how to remember the PIN unconsciously?

Before the tips begin, let me ask you something:
I know there is an art class or similar subjects or your teacher taught you how to draw in you drawing book. Do you remember your first art drawing? (first thing that might come to your mind... obviously your first childish-art-like-drawing or the second or the third!)

You need not to know the ins and outs why you still remember your past memories. The most important thing that "YOU DID DRAW IT" therefore you remember it.

I did some experiments to myself. In this case i drew my PIN, not composing PIN numbers! Up until now, I always remember my PIN because the ATM pad doesn't change with time or with location. Where ever you are or whenever it stays the same. Still don't get it?

Typical ATM pad with numbers written on it looks like this:


I removed the numbers, let's pretend there is no "numbers" there:

Now here is how I drew my PIN:
A good PIN consists of six digit non-consecutive numbers. So you could guess my PIN: 159753
If you want to know the number, just imagine back the number. 
Now here is how I drew my PIN starting from "1" button:

Keep in mind the pattern, that's why I do still remember the first the second or the third PIN I've ever used. 
Another good example:

Be creative, your brain can do more than this, right? Try to make a five or six digits path, that the last advice.
Rather than using birthday or any kind of special day I prefer using Pattern. If you find yourself always forgotten your PIN, I hope my tips working. CHANGE YOUR PIN TODAY!

Refer to http://nditreview.blogspot.com/2011/04/similar-but-not-equal-password-that-not.html for a good password combinations.
in case I used bad grammar, please forgive me...

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