Similar But Not Equal (A Password That Not Easy To Forget)

Here we go, actually this is a continuation from my past post in Indonesian and I've decided to create a new one written in English to increase my language skill =D.
A good password, sounds weird for me but interesting for someone which have so many internet account starting from email, blogs, social networks (which is the most widely) etc. Creating different password for these account increase the chance to forget the account's password itself except if you are using the password manager such as notepad editor (Huh?). Yes it's right, many people using notepad editor to store their password if and only they created different password for each account. MLS password system that I've created should help.

Telling your credit card's PIN(Personal Identification Number) is not wise and the same rule applies to your password. The old way to recover your account's password is using the recovery page that generate a forms to get it back. The recovery link looks like this:
  • yahoo! mail

Yahoo! recovery page
  • facebook
facebook login page
facebook recovery page
  • google mail login page
google login page

google recovery page
  • Twitter
twitter login page
twitter recovery page
The recovery page need you to fill in the form or pick an option. Later, it ask you with question or something. Beware, if the question not only you who know about it, your account probably lost for sure.
So, how do I create a good password? Let me introduce my concept about this: MasterLinkerSecondary or I call it MLS password system.
  1. Create a master password
  2. A password is a key to enter your internet or web account. To secure a web account simply by securing a password. A secure password must only the account owners who know it. If the passwords were to easy to guest, the account could be hijacked and the owners lost the account forever. To create a good password you must include special chars besides A-Z and 0-9. For example, you password is "all for one and one for all!" should be transformed into this 'A41&14A!'. Or change the letter into numbers just like "iguana" should be transformed into 'i6u4n4' or 'igu@n@'. The basic rule:
    • a = @ or 4
    • i = 1 or !
    • to = 2
    • g = 6
    • j = 7
    • r = 12
    • e = 3
    • create your own
    In this case you must create six letters password. Now save this "master" passwords in your mind cause you will use this password with the next one, the secondary password. Example, using your name as a password: @nd1t@, $up3rm@n. Or like other people use your birth date: 09/10/1991, 12*12*1991
  3. The Linker
  4. Choose one good linker (be consistent): dash (-), space( ), slash(/) or backslash (\), underscore (_), plus sign (+), equal sign (=) and create your own.
  5. The Secondary
  6. The secondary is most simple, if your account is logging in to this url: twitter.com then your secondary must be "twitter" or you log on through www.facebook.com then your secondary is "facebook".
  7. Join all with MLS
  8. Write again your password with MLS password system by joining all together. Example, your master is "@nd1t@", using linker dash (-) and the secondary depend on where you logging in. The password for facebook account should be this "@nd1t@-facebook", for twitter should be this "@nd1t@-twitter", for Google mail account should be this "@nd1t@-gmail". Got it?
The MLS password system help you to remember only one good password to login but actually it's different just like the title Similar But Not Equal for each account.
Alright, that's all for now, if you have a questions please comment. Hope it will help you creating a password that you will never forget. Change all of your account right now!

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