About cheyuz.com an extraordinary person's homepage

This review is about a student who reach a success story from writing a simple but extraordinary blogs. Actually he is my sunbae (or senior) in Indonesia University of Education. What are his success story? Let's starts from his blog (click the images for full size)

That is his personal home blog which have thousands of visitors every month. His popular name "cheyuz" is abbreviation for "Cecep Yusuf", his real name. So what about this name? I tried to enter his popular name as a keyword and start searching (you could try this) and his homepage appear in the first page!

search results showing cheyuz
Unbelievable, even just only showing 5,440 results, the keywords cheyuz is one and only name in the world and online world of course.

The Benefits
  • Be unique is really really helpful for your business and "sell yourself" as an extraordinary person
With this site active, cheyuz has written many of articles including tutorials, news and reviews. His good work is not including review about his own blog (when this post written). So I've decided to write a review about his blog.
  • Choosing name is the important thing
Cheyuz will probably not occurred to anyone or have you? Besides, a name that not easy to forget are good enough to find easily by search engine.
  • The real profit comes later
When I tried to ask cheyuz, I asked about his benefit from writing the articles. He said "Just put your contact at the homepage and you will see what happen". And he said "Someone from the developer company asked me about  my abilities then I answer what can I do from design to programming, later the company wanted my CV and here I am, joining the project that I can't tell you right now but mostly about designing the web".

Site's Content
This site is just the beginning, then I tried to click all the linked site
inside the link
  • CSS generator
CSS generator by cheyuz
  • Alay (Anak Layangan) Generator
I really don't know for what it is but, this could be interesting
The site apps Alay Generator
  • Site's Projects : SMAN 1 Sukaresmi (High School) homepage
This is from portofolios section
  • About page
about page
  • Testimonial page
Testimonials page

The Tutorial Pages
  • The site mostly about the tutorial, his projects etc.
  • Available in Indonesian language only (when this post written)
  • The complete reference for your own blog or website
  • If you need a web developer I suggest him!
  • For more information visit Cheyuz's Official Site and his tutorial homepage

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